SELL 24 X 7

Do not miss the opportunity to sell outside their business hours

We offer a payment solution for unattended easy and flexible self-service companies, aimed at all market sectors: retail, hotels, gas stations, vending and transportation.

Invest in reducing queues and reduces the opportunity cost for not selling to have to wait longer to buy your product or service.
Accept all payment methods, meeting the latest safety standards and end the complexity of payment.

Devices great strength and reliable

- Highly Robust
Thanks to its robust design allows the installation of this payment terminal with its heavy duty metal cabinet adapted to a living in outdoor environments and a wide variety of adverse environmental conditions element. Contactless device components are protected against vandalism and extreme weather.
- The highest levels of security
- Contactless, NFC payment
The contactless device allows all contactless payments and new use cases as well as electronic wallet, ticketing.
- All payment options
It allows reading any chip & pin card and accepts magnetic stripe transactions in any POS unattended while maintaining safety standards and adapted to the customer's visual communication.


Take transit zones of potential audience, to make it more attractive to sell their products or services.

- Easy to use
With Ecopaynet payment modules, the tandem between hardware and software is very simple because they do not require any interaction rather than physically installed on the metal cabinet, with a physical or providing communication terminal card GPRS communications, making the outlet in a totally self-contained and boosting sales wherever you want to locate.
- Easy integration
- Communication and Flexible Connectivity

Success Stories integration

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