Our Solutions

Integrated POS

We offer you the cash register systems integration, POS, dataphones, or any device current payment

Online Payment

Own gateway for e-commerce payment. Easy and simple integration, eliminating costly third-party protocols.

Mobile POS

Make payments through mobile quickly and safely, minimizing intermediaries.


We offer a payment solution for unattended easy and flexible self-service companies, aimed at all market sectors.

Combined Payment

"COMBINE PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS". Adapt your business with combined payment services.

Our mission... to be the Technology Partner of your business, the success of our customers is our success

"Our goal... of providing useful service custom tools, practices and adapted to each sector and each business"

Advantages of our solutions:

  • EMV Compliance Standard
  • Fraud protection, secure encryption SSL (Comodo SSL), SHA, 3DES
  • Enforcing security protocols PCI DSS, Visa payWave, 3D Secure & Master Secure code
  • Cost savings, optimize conditions with banks, management leveraging send transactions to entities that provide business cost optimization, reducing the discount rate applied in each transaction
  • It increases the bargaining power with their entities to control and manage its sales volume
  • Saving time waiting, Average time by transaction than 3 seconds
  • Opportunity cost, accept more flexible payments, improves and increases the opportunity for new customers
  • Installation of hardware, software, technology and payment gateways / Developments adapted to their needs
  • Maintenance of equipment / Sell park payment terminals / Devices "refurbished"
  • Control the transactions online / Statistics and reports
  • Operations available: - Authorization / Pre-Authorizations, - Returns / Cancellations
  • Multi-entity, thus allowing the routing of transactions to the bank desired
  • Internationalization, Multi Language systems and DCC integration (collection in local and foreign currency)
  • Integration terminals / User training in situ

See the course of the evolution of their current and past sales

Thanks to management environments reporting and operations monitoring, tracking transactions are allowed through the Web sales. Based on the information requirements, reports can be added via email and / or display by financial or accounting departments. It made available to trade the ability to download files in PDF, Excel and Word for special treatment in each case.

Take advantage of our reports and statistics of the transactions carried out more of its clients and the costs associated with the discount rates applied to transactions.

Other services

Prepaid and Gift Cards

Ecopaynet offers its customers cutting-edge technology that allows you to have own loyalty schemes and non-financial cards that previously could only afford large companies.

It provides companies, franchise chains and shopping centers the ability to retain customers through a system that allows to know the customs and needs of these, and real-time reward points or both bond and communicate with them in real time with a personalized message based on their profile or segmentation to which it belongs. While allowing this card is a private means of payment.

Prepaid cards / Surcharge
Those that can be dispensed over the counter commerce with an amount preloaded on origin, serving it as an effective means of payment / identification in closed environments, through the network of Ecopaynet to consume the amount charged and can be used indefinitely while made refills.

The way to pay for this service in both cases, that has to have a terminal Ecopaynet system, device also makes the collection of financial cards existing in the market brands (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners, etc. ), it is performed by charging a commission on the amount charged to the issuing facility, plus the cost of card personalization.

Gift cards / Ecocard
They are customized for the company, allowing your customer who wants to make a gift is not wrong, as the recipient of the gift (gift card) chooses what he likes most private non-financial cards. They can only be used in stores where previously defined by the company, or group of stores chains. Early generate revenue and can be reused and recharge. They serve also for product returns. Customers the request, the amount charged and receive no waiting, serving it as an effective means of payment within the network Ecopaynet to consume the amount charged. The support generally only used once.

It is a system of personalized loyalty and "key in hand" without human nor allocate resources or technological- for it, with a single economic model on the market. Taking advantage of GPRS POS technology is able to reduce costs and share the added advantages they offer, in addition to its use for the collection of credit / debit card on the market.

Multicurrency - DCC (Dynamic Currency Change) / Pay in Your Currency

Ecopaynet offers its customers the service of collecting in source currency card.
At the time of payment, it offers the customer the option of paying in their own currency or in euros, informing the exchange rate being applied.

The trade will always receive the payment in euros, the operation is suitable for shops situated in tourist areas and receive customers outside the euro area.
This service is currently available in euros, dollars, pounds, yen.
In this service Ecopaynet commissioner to trade by the amount of the transaction is not taking additional cost for its activation on terminal.

Secure your sales

Ecopaynet makes available to its customers a service of management of guarantee of payment to those customers that offer services where the final amount is not known. It produces a retention by the actual or estimated amount of the sale to the account of the cardholder. The real effect of this operation depends on the final treatment that gives the issuer

This type of operation is suitable for businesses that can not determine the final amount of the sale (hotels, car rental companies, airlines, etc.)

The preauthorization is performed in real time. All preauthorization must have a confirmation within a maximum period of 7 to 10 days, depending on the issuer, after this time will lose its validity if not confirmed.

The cost of this service is included in the amount charged for the terminal, unless you have to perform development to adapt to the customer's application or approvals would be carried out with entities that do not normally work Ecopaynet. In these cases the costs will be established.

Sale of tickets to shows, with seat selection

Allows the sale of tickets to shows, cinemas, theaters ... through the payment terminal (only with Freecomerce of Ecopaynet model), with seat selection and issuance of proof of purchase and removal thereof in the ATM located in trade entry.

The system works only rooms that have the means to pay Ecopaynet built and the application of integrated ticketing Ecopaynet.

Installment Sales - Trade Credit / Your products to everyone

Ecopaynet offers its customers a service to make sales with the possibility of splitting the payment in a number of months with interest charge.

For this service, Ecopaynet has 2 modes:

A) Ecopaynet does all the service and deals with the generation of the periodic charges to the cardholder. The risk of collection is in charge of commerce.

B) The service can be contracted by trading with a financial institution with which the conditions established in this case Ecopaynet takes care of sending the operation that entity and this is what is responsible for conducting periodic charges. The cost for this option is set in the terminal fee / month.

Manage your park Terminals / Monitoring Terminals

Management system service on GPRS terminals and mobility management application in web mode for monitoring and allocation of different technical services to the platform by Management data processing center, which allows the integration of high customer service areas, technical and management terminals and their location and operativilidad and automated reception service orders from the various application centers (Call- centers).

All operations are followed by web management system with connection module for integration with various suppliers of business customers for automatic incorporation into the database system, allowing open incidents in the system, allocation and monitoring.