Ecopaynet has made safety its core business. Therefore, we try transaction data with the utmost confidentiality. We offer our customers a payment system is 100% secure. Our solutions meet the highest safety standards Chip & PIN (EMV Level 2 and PCI PTS 3.1 and 4.0).

Ecopaynet adapts all the security systems industry of means of payment implanted to make, reliable, robust and secure environment, providing confidence and peace of mind to have a solution where data holders are protected from that reading is performed the payment device, for transmission to centers validators cards and acquiring and issuing entities, which together with the payment platform generate a scenario where vulnerabilities of intrusion, fraud and data theft are removed.

Chip & PIN
Maximum protection against misuse of cards.
Eliminates the risk of cloning.
No chargebacks in the case of fraudulent transactions.

Safe operations
We test security systems regularly.
Continuously monitor transactions to provide extensive protection against fraud.
Verify the identity of each registered trade Ecopaynet.

Data encryption
All personal information is encrypted using Advanced Encryption algorithms (SSL).
The connections between the server of the online store and the virtual POS using the new signature based on SHA-256 (more secure connection than the last).
Ecopaynet complies with PCI DSS.
Data sent via Bluetooth are subject to a thorough process of encryption.
Confidential data are never stored in the device or card reader.

PUCE. Security 3D SECURE & MasterCard SecureCode
3D Secure environments or MasterCard SecureCode, providing Puce environment is a secure payment system by card, which certifies the identity of the consumer / owner for an online purchase, so that it protects the information of payment eCommerce operation. That is, it is specially designed to prevent card fraud in transactions where there is no real presence of the card.

3D Secure protocol is an anti-fraud technology that uses encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL, an application to transfer information back and forth securely). At the time of formalizing the transaction it ensures that the user is identified and is credited as the holder of the card you will pay the purchase.

Seeks maximum data protection by verifying that the payment card belonging to the user performing the operation.
Given the security objectives seeking to 3D Secure, when formalizing the payment, the customer must enter the usual data in an operation of such card number, expiration date, CVV code(visual cryptogram); and higher, an additional data that only the owner should know.

The latter check is made by direct client connection with your bank (card issuer) through payment gateway. It will be the bank, in charge of authenticate the identity (legitimacy) buyer, and will do claiming the holder buyer that extra additional information, ultimately responsible for the validation of the purchase.

Visa ® Technology Partner
Ecopaynet part of Visa Technology Partner, in order to keep up on the news, specification updates and newsletters that emits one of the leading brands in payment. It also provides clear guidelines for the development of mobile solutions acceptance within Visa requirements.

We have a Technical Assistance Service formed by qualified personnel with long experience dedicated to meet as soon as possible, security and safety of any incident that may arise to our customers.

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